Karate Kids program


Sensei with the adult students

Japan Karate-Do Genbu-Kai of Florida teaches discipline and control, not only for the purpose of improving one's self awareness/defense knowledge, but also emphasizes the use of these skills in one's daily life activities. Our programs help build character in young individuals while improving focus and concentration; instills courage in women and respect in men; and in addition to maintaining a healthy physical shape and condition; it also is an excellent way of relieving stress from one's daily life, no matter the age, while enhancing our intellectual state and overall well being.

Karate Kid Classes
(Ages 4 - 6)

Karate Kid is a class designed for 4 to 6 year old children. It is geared towards teaching them skills such as coordination, confidence, team work, respect for others and self-defense.

The Karate Kid program is an entirely "in-house" program, offered only by Florida Genbu-Kai Karate. Its main purpose is to introduce children ages 4 to 6, to the fundamentals of Karate training, along with preparing them for the advancement into the Junior Karate program. The ranking system, and requirements for this program, were developed internally within Florida Genbu-Kai, and are not affiliated nor recognized by the Japan Karate-Do Genbu-Kai International.

The class will last 30 minutes and will involve exercises as well as basic fundamentals of Karate. At the same time, the children will learn a bit of Japanese culture like bowing to each other for respect, taking their shoes off before entering the mat, and some Japanese language. While this class is full of exercise and fun, it preps the children for the Junior (7 - 12 year old) Karate class. This age group does have the same ranking format as the karate program's (9th-1st kyu), however, the belt color system is different and testing is more frequent.

The goal for this class is to encourage children to try new things, to learn that making mistakes and learning from them is okay, to improve their gross and fine motor skills, to listen and follow directions. All while they are exercising, and having a lot of fun.

Junior Classes
(Ages 7 - 12)

We must make it clear that in our junior classes (boys and girls combined), our overall purpose is to build character through discipline and self-confidence. Therefore, many of the Karate techniques deemed dangerous are not taught in this class. The young people are instructed to defend against punches, holds, and grabs. But, foremost, they are instructed in good attitude and manners. Frankly, the first weeks are difficult but enjoyable for the youngsters. Most parents notice a difference in poise, agility and confidence after a short time has been spent in training. Hundreds upon hundreds have taken the course and in almost every instance their attitude, respect and social life has been enhanced. The junior course is a combination of Karate, Aiki-Do and Judo.

Sensei Keith Moore with the junior students

Adult Classes
(Ages 13 and over)

Most everyone, from high school and over, is assigned to the adult class. Classes are held at least five times a week and members may attend as often as they desire. The first three months beginners may go one hour per day. Thereafter, they may attend advanced training, as well. How fast you learn is up to you. But, generally speaking, three months is a basic course. Many ladies are now enjoying this training.

Sensei Keith Moore practicing kata